A Different Kind Of Diet

Transforming the way in which the dieting world works, Man V Fat combines a favoured past time with the desire to lose as much weight as possible; football matches where the more you lose, the more you win. For many men who are looking to get slimmer, there hasn’t been a great deal of options […]

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The Winning Fix

There are many temptations for a modern day athlete which so easily turn heads; the lure of multi-million pound contracts and sponsorship deals or even the continuous opportunities to dip a toe into the corrupt way in which the sporting world is ran are both chronic problems, but none are more prevalent or influential than […]

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One World; One Game

Written by Amos Murphy A plane crash which brought anguish to all of football – how a team which very many had never heard of, are stapled into the thoughts of us all. Stunned by tragedy and silenced through despair; the world of football entered a mourning period this morning, as news broke out that […]

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Belgium: Another Failed Generation

Written By: Amos Murphy As the night fell on the Stade de Lyon, anticipation grew ahead of the tournaments first big heavyweight clash. A Belgian squad glittered with talent from all across Europe, paired against a subdued Italian team, lacking any sheer attacking quality and a shadow of their former illustrious figure in European football […]

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