France: A Hotspot for Terrorism

By Amos Murphy  With nine attacks equating to over 150 dead and just under 400 injured in the last eighteen months; France, but in particular Paris has become a terrorism hotspot. With its easy access from mainland Europe added with the increasing number of refugees attempting to get to the UK through the country, France's … Continue reading France: A Hotspot for Terrorism


A Season of Maybes: An MCFC Season Review

Written by: Amos Murphy Euphoria, heartache, frustration and pride; all emotions synonymous with being a Manchester City fan but if being a blue is a constant roller coaster ride, then this season has been a high speed, rocket powered, breakneck version – consistently inconsistent.  A perfect start: first five matches, zero goals conceded, eleven scored. … Continue reading A Season of Maybes: An MCFC Season Review