A Different Kind Of Diet

Transforming the way in which the dieting world works, Man V Fat combines a favoured past time with the desire to lose as much weight as possible; football matches where the more you lose, the more you win.

For many men who are looking to get slimmer, there hasn’t been a great deal of options available, especially in a market so heavily focused on women; Man V Fat an inventive weight loss scheme, incorporates a regular 5-a-side league and a controlled and rigorous diet plan, with the result leaving men all over the nation signing up to this fast growing and effective programme.

The format is simple: every league contains eight teams who play each other throughout a season with one game a week. The final score of the thirty-minute game is then carried over to the scales, where for every two members of a team who have lost weight since the previous week, another goal is awarded – giving the incentive to score on the pitch, but lose off it.

Man V Fat integrates the conventional aspects of a usual weight loss programme; weekly weigh-ins, weight loss diaries given to every member to track to record their nutrition and food intake and also a weight loss coach designated to every league and Sarah Venning (or ‘Sven’), the woman in charge at the Armitage Centre in Manchester, stating that “it (Man V Fat) perfectly combines the desire and commitment needed to lose weight, with the camaraderie between players creating a positive and competitive atmosphere within the camp” 

Aside from cutting down the cake and dusting off the boots, Man V Fat is more than just a weight loss programme – many sign up and join leagues as nervous strangers, but the two common interests are bringing new people together and creating many friendships, increasing the desire to combatively reach the end goal.

One player in [Shans team(James)], applauded the social aspects of Man V Fat saying it has “reinvigorated” him as he joined feeling quite self-conscious and lacking confidence, however since joining has found a new lease of life and dependence.

He (James) then went on to state “each team has their own WhatsApp group chat with regular contact and banter between the lads”, later saying “as I am captain of [insert team name], I’m also in a group with all the other team captains, so it’s been a great opportunity to share this experience with many other people in the same boat”.

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