Alright R’ Kid

A poem by Amos Murphy:

R’ kid is mint, R’ kid is great,

R’ kid is the coolest one on the block I rate.

R’ kid wears deep red, R’ kid wears sky blue,

R kid always has three stripes on their shoe.

R’ kid is home, R’ kid is away,

R’ kid is jumpers for goalposts after school everyday.

R’ kid knows how to move, R’ kid only plays tunes,

R’ kid dances on tables from midnight to noon.

R’ kid is the industrial revolution, R’ kid the Suffragettes,

R’ kid the cobbles of Coronation Street, all historical assets.  

R’ kid is family, R’ kid is one,

R’ kid welcomes everyone and leaves behind none.

R’ kid lives forever, R’ kid won’t stop,

R’ kid is Manchester and we are all top.

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