A Different Kind Of Diet

Transforming the way in which the dieting world works, Man V Fat combines a favoured past time with the desire to lose as much weight as possible; football matches where the more you lose, the more you win. For many men who are looking to get slimmer, there hasn’t been a great deal of options […]

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The Winning Fix

There are many temptations for a modern day athlete which so easily turn heads; the lure of multi-million pound contracts and sponsorship deals or even the continuous opportunities to dip a toe into the corrupt way in which the sporting world is ran are both chronic problems, but none are more prevalent or influential than […]

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Belgium: Another Failed Generation

Written By: Amos Murphy As the night fell on the Stade de Lyon, anticipation grew ahead of the tournaments first big heavyweight clash. A Belgian squad glittered with talent from all across Europe, paired against a subdued Italian team, lacking any sheer attacking quality and a shadow of their former illustrious figure in European football […]

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France: A Hotspot for Terrorism

By Amos Murphy  With nine attacks equating to over 150 dead and just under 400 injured in the last eighteen months; France, but in particular Paris has become a terrorism hotspot. With its easy access from mainland Europe added with the increasing number of refugees attempting to get to the UK through the country, France’s […]

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The Broadcasters Rights 

Written by: Amos Murphy Everything is scrutinised in modern football: players, managers, stadiums, kits and even die hard fans are all microscopically analysed. So how come the broadcasting companies which showcase these “unmissable spectacles” escape such criticism? How come they get away with putting on extremely deluded and biased shows? How come broadcasters like BT […]

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