Berlin Ist Wunderbar; A Comprehensive Guide to One of Europe’s Biggest Cosmopolitan Cities

Amos Murphy Divided by politics; united through beauty – no city provides a binary opposite of culture, architecture and lifestyle like Berlin. Dissimilar to the majority of Europe’s major cities, Berlin isn’t a concrete jungle of mammoth skyscrapers shadowing the streets below – quite the opposite. Der Tiergarten – Berlin’s gigantic 5.2 km squared park, […]

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Is Football Really Comimg Home?

Amos Murphy As the eyes of the world yet again re-focus their sights for another nine months of countless nerve jangling and heart wrenching moments on the pitch, there is something that won’t be captured by the cameras this season – the action in the stands. Like a refugee being mercilessly torn away from their […]

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Tracks Of My Tears

A poem by Amos Murphy  Love Will Tear Us Apart, but attempts to inject F.E.A.R will only make us stronger.   So, just Stand By Me and together we will see how resolute and tough we can be. Because This Is How It Feels to be Mancunian, and This Is How It Feels to be […]

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Alright R’ Kid

A poem by Amos Murphy: R’ kid is mint, R’ kid is great, R’ kid is the coolest one on the block I rate. R’ kid wears deep red, R’ kid wears sky blue, R kid always has three stripes on their shoe. R’ kid is home, R’ kid is away, R’ kid is jumpers […]

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A Different Kind Of Diet

Transforming the way in which the dieting world works, Man V Fat combines a favoured past time with the desire to lose as much weight as possible; football matches where the more you lose, the more you win. For many men who are looking to get slimmer, there hasn’t been a great deal of options […]

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The Winning Fix

There are many temptations for a modern day athlete which so easily turn heads; the lure of multi-million pound contracts and sponsorship deals or even the continuous opportunities to dip a toe into the corrupt way in which the sporting world is ran are both chronic problems, but none are more prevalent or influential than […]

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